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Rocktail Beach Lodge

I normally don’t think of South Africa as a Sun, Sea and Sand (3S) destination. Sure, we have beautiful beaches but more often than not the water is way too cold to get into; or when it is warm enough (on the KZN coast) there are pretty hectic waves and currents to deal with (not to mention what lurks beneath, where sharks are a common occurrence). If you want a 3S holiday, you should look to Mozambique (which also combines perfectly with one of South Africa’s prides: the Kruger National Park) where you will find paradise beaches with crystal clear water gently lapping the white sand.

But, at Wilderness Safari’s Rocktail Beach Camp I found a marine paradise. Not necessarily 3S, but a whole lot of wonderful activities linked to the beach and the sea.The lodge itself is tucked away in the forest, a few hundred meters, and easy walking distance, from the beach. It is made up of a central building housing the bar, restaurant and library area that is decorated in the most exquisite yet simple way. I actually had to take a few photos just so that I can copy this one day when I grow up and have my own beach-house. The combination of African artifacts, marine items and muted tones makes for a perfect backdrop to your pre-dinner g&t! The rooms are luxury tents with hardwood flooring, comfortable beds and fully equipped bathrooms. Our tent also came with a view To Die For.

The lounge at Rocktail beach Camp

Tent at Rocktail Beach Camp

But it is at the beach the magic happens at Rocktail. This is where you can snorkel is shallow and crystal clear waters; walk for miles and miles along deserted beaches; dive in a marine reserve where you and your group are the only divers in the area; watch turtles lay eggs at night; and, if you are really lucky, see the little turtle babies exit their nest and make for the ocean.

I am working on a series of articles about some of these activities, but felt so inspired I had to write a shorter intro to start with. Be sure to check back and learn more about my adventures with one of the world’s leading turtle experts; some of the best diving I’ve ever done; AND some really amazing projects aimed at conservation and community-upliftment run by Wilderness.

Baby turtles at Rocktail Beach Camp (image: A. Grote)

Baby turtles at Rocktail Beach Camp (image: A. Grote)

Rocktail Beach Camp


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