In Africa, Santa comes on a Land Rover!

African Santa

December is the start of the silly season in South Africa; it is summer holidays for the locals and the time that people want to escape the northern hemisphere winter. So at this time of year, my “other” job is being a tour guide for groups visiting from my native Sweden. It is great fun, as I love sharing the wonderfulness of my adopted home-country!

A couple of days ago, I celebrated x-mas with a wonderful group at a game lodge perched on a mountain-top Overlooking the beautiful African bush. This was probably as far from a white, Swedish x-mas you could get! Our tracker (the guy that sits at the front of the vehicle to spot the wild animals) was our Santa, and we spent the morning viewing literally hundreds of elephants and also had some lovely, intimate encounters with the prehistoric-looking rhinos. Elephants are my absolute favourite animals, gentle giants that stride silently and gracefully through the bush with no concern at all about Land Rovers full of tourists with clicking cameras. The group was also lucky enough to spot the elusive lions, something that far from all visitors get to do.

After the gamedrive, “my” people relaxed at what is a strong contender for “the pool with the best view in the world” and the day was rounded off with a traditional carvery under the stars. In other words, a perfect African x-mas!

Wonderful, wonderful animals

Wonderful, wonderful animals

A pool with a view

A pool with a view


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