Pretoria Pralines

When I tell my friends from Jozi that I live in Pretoria, the response is usually an emphatic “shame”. This word has many meanings in South Africa, as in this context “what a pity” to “that’s great” (as in: my little girl turned 5 yesterday; the response to which would be “shame”) and a whole lot in between – it works in most situations. My friends from Jozi (a city that has recently entered the fast-track lane towards becoming the hippest city in Africa) think that Pretoria is terribly rural, boring and conservative. My Capetonian friends also say “shame”, but here it’s slightly different and I will use an image to demonstrate:

South Africa

But Pretoria, probably best known for its Jacarandas, the Union Building and the ever controversial Vortrekker Monument has more than meets the untrained eye. So I’ve decided to show you some of the hidden gems,the Pretoria Pralines. Friends in Jozi and Cape Town; expect the unexpected! The rest of you; enjoy the treats!


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