A sunshine story!


Star for Life is an organization founded in 2005 by Swedish philanthropist Dan and Christine Olofsson with the aim to inspire young people to believe in their dreams for the future and support them to live an AIDS-free life while fulfilling their dreams. SFL runs four core programmes: Health and Education, Star For Life skills, Star For Life Sports and Star For Life  Arts & Culture. Initially, SFL was only active in Kwa-Zulu Natal, but the programme has now been expanded to also include other areas of South Africa as well as Namibia and Zambia.  In total, some 180,000 children have engaged with Star for Life to date.

This is a story from one of their stars Nomfundo: 

My name is Nomfundo Mkhwanazi and I live in Durban. I’m a girl of 23 years old and I’m a former student of Siphosabadletshe high school… So the Star for Life project was started in year 2005 when I was doing grade 10. 

Well I was just a normal young girl, without a focus…I studied at Siphosabadletshe high school because my parents told me it was a better school in our area. I’m from a very poor or bad background. Everything was not easy for me. I used to travel 40 km one way to school. 

Since star for life started my life changed, I discovered that I was talented, music is my talent… I also got an opportunity to go to the College and I studied Human Resources Management. and now I’m done. 

What I’m trying to say is that SFL helped me a lot, I’m where I am because of it, they motived me to go for my dreams and to live an aids free life. Since we all know that here in South Africa we are facing a challenge of teenage pregnancy and hiv and aids, I think SFL is a very great project and its helps us as young stars of South Africa….


If you want to contribute towards a better South Africa while travelling here, but don’t know how, then SFL is a great option! All contributions, large or small, make a difference. US$30  or R250, can fund the Star for Life school project for a whole year for one student; a year that could literally mean the difference between life and death. If you wish to make a contribution, please contact the SFL Office Manager Fiona Delvaux-Beswick Fiona[at] starforlife.co.za

Swedish tour operator Sydafrikaresor organise dedicated SFL tours a few times a year. These include a visit to the project and also a fundraising concert with Swedish ad South African celebrities. To learn more, go to: http://www.sydafrikaresor.se/tag/temaresor-star-for-life/


3 responses to “A sunshine story!

  1. Woow!!! congrats Nomfundo ” Education”, we are proud of you girl. May God give you wisdom n continue to guide you until you reach yo destiny.

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