Eight – a farm to table eating experience

Image courtesy of Spier.co.za

courtesy: Spier.co.za

Eight restaurant is one of the latest additions to Spier’s already impressive suite of sustainability initiatives. It is not only a restaurant, it is an expression of balance, cycles, harmony infinity and abundance. Most of the ingredients (such as vegetables, herbs, free range chicken and pasture reared beef) in the simple, stylish and sensational dishes come from Spier’s own biodynamic farm. What the farm cannot produce is sourced locally from organic and ethic farms.¬†

But it doesn’t stop there. The restaurant is also tastefully decorated with a combination of local and recycled art. The wall at the entrance is covered with Creative Blocks (an initiative through which Spier supports local artists and aims to create something new by combining work from different artist – this project in turn inspired the Spier Creative Block range of wines) and the ceiling is decorated with beautiful, delicate flowers made from recycled milk containers. If you weren’t told, you’d never know. Spier has an amazing way of creating beauty where you though there was none!

courtesy: spier.co.za

courtesy: spier.co.za

In summer, lunch is a plentiful buffet of cold and hot meals and in winter the menu features heart and soul warming slow cooked and tasty dishes. The menu changes daily depending on what is fresh from the farm. I visited on a crisp but cold winter’s day, and decided to have the homemade chicken pie and a glass of Creative Block 5. I was not disappointed. The pie crust was crispy and flaky, and the succulent chicken was enveloped in a satisfying sauce together with leeks and other vegetables. The side salad of baby carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and borage flowers made the dish a visual feast as well. Combined with the wonderfully smooth Bordeaux blend, it was truly soul food!

Chicken Pie and Creative Block 5

Chicken Pie and Creative Block 5

You can taste that the food at Eight has been produced and cooked with care. The staff are also very passionate about the restaurant, and more than willing to spend some time explaining the concept to you. If you want food that is heartwarming and satisfying, not only for your tummy but also for your mind, then you must give Eight a try!


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