High Constantia – blink and you’ve missed it

Enroute to one of the best-known Constantia vineyards, Groot Constantia, you will see a small sign for High Constantia. Take a turn here for a wine experience with a difference. On arrival, you will be forgiven for thinking you took the wrong turn as you literally arrive at the back amongst large stainless steel tanks and other wine making paraphernalia. Walk through to the lovely tasting room, where you will be given a cushion and invited to make yourself comfortable on one of the barrels.

High Constantia

This vineyard produces only small amounts of wine, which sells out fairly quickly. They have some interesting reds like 100% Petit Verdot as well as Cabernet Franc, grape varietals that we usually see in only small amounts in the Bordeaux Blends. But the king of High Constantia is without a doubt Clos Andre; a beautifully complex and elegant Methode Cap Classique. Each bottle is individually numbered, with a stylish label that makes you want to keep this wine on display. Pricey, but worth it for very special occasions.

Clos Andre


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