Gentle giants

Me and my husband recently had a once in a lifetime experience when we stayed a couple of nights at Motswari Private Game Reserve in the Timbavati. It is a luxurious but yet understated camp in a wilderness area which has open borders to Kruger National Park, thus being part of one of the largest wilderness areas in Africa. The fact that the camp is unfenced, with all animals being able to roam through it makes you feel like a modern day explorer when you are resting in your beautiful room with a view of the nearby river.

Motswari Private Game Reserve

Motswari Private Nature Reserve


As in most game lodges, you go on twice-daily game drives. We were privileged to see a large pack of the much endangered African Wild Dogs during one of these. There are only approximately 5,000 of these magnificent animals left in the whole world, so it really is a rare treat to see them.

African Wild Dogs

However, despite seeing rare and endangered animals, as well as the ever-popular cats (lions, leopard and cheetah) I have to say that it is the elephants that bring out the magic for me. These gentle giants that despite their size can disappear between the trees in a matter of seconds, but who often afford you the honour to spend a long time with them just taking in their majestic size, pre-historic bodies and gentle manners.







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